Where My Are?

When I was two years old my version of hide ‘n seek was plopping down in the centre of a room, putting my hands over my eyes and shouting “Where my are?!” The moment I covered my eyes I presumed I had completely disappeared from sight. I’m still guilty of thinking that way sometimes; believing the minute I take a break, sit down and shut my eyes, I will become invisible.

Through a year of change and growth I have held myself accountable on this site, publishing original essays or recipes here every Friday. A promise to myself to use my own voice, and to keep allowing it to be visible for others to see. It has been a challenge of my own making, requiring the continual flex of the creative muscle to keep finding relevant and hopefully interesting things to say each week, and to be vulnerable enough to hit the publish button no matter what came out.

Now that the girls have reached their last day of school, it’s time for a new challenge. The challenge of taking A BREAK. A pause to refill the well. To rest the muscle. To reflect. To just hang out and attempt to quiet my constant need to drive towards productivity, for a little while at least.

To risk becoming unseen.

Though there are a few projects slowly bubbling away under the surface, I will be taking a six week sabatacle from my weekly publishing schedule to maximise the time I get with my family, in attempt to loosen productivity’s undercurrent and pull towards the computer.  Passively taking notes, collecting ideas and inspiration as I redefine what productivity looks like over the remainder of the summer.

I’ll be back again in September, with my pencils sharpened and my binders colour coded, ready to dig in once again. Until then, less kick. Less push. More coast

Want some recipes to keep you going whilst I’m out chasing butterflies and making daisy chains? (note: I have no idea how to make daisy chains)

Bring this to your next potluck.

Wow guests by serving easy homemade ricotta alongside crackers and an aperol spritz.

We’re making this on the regular with our bumper crop of courgettes.

And I’m keeping this idea of little and often with me as a reminder that what I am doing is, in fact enough.

As it says in my high school yearbook: “Stay cool and have a great summer!”




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