Recent Articles & Awards

Vittles British Jewish Food Week 2023

The London Rugelach Index; a guide to the London’s Jewish bakeries

A guide to Jewish food in London contributor

Atlas Obscura Contributor 2023

Wicked Leeks Spring 2023 Print Issue No. 11

Cultural connections in the classroom

1 Dish 4 the Road guest post 2023

Food Podcasts: A tethering to food, sound and the world

TOPIA World of Good Beyond the Stale Spring 2023

Rebel Rousers and Rooted Memories; interviews with Dana Thompson & Jeremy Umansky

Young, Hip & Brown; an interview with Dialogues of Diaspora

Life & Thyme 2023

The Personal, the Communal and the Collective

Serious Sandwiches

Kosher Kitchen Comfort

Eater London 2022

How to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the help of London restaurants this year

Where to celebrate Hanukkah in London

Tasting Table 2022/2023

Contributing features writer with Tasting Table

Lecker Podcast 2022

Back to School with Jeremy Pang

TOPIA World of Good – BEYOND THE STALES series – Winter 2022

Life, death and red eggs. Chewing on Chinese food and identity with Celestial Peach

Sourced Journeys: The online pantry taking it slow to go back to the source

Pit Magazine – Issue 12

TOPIA World of Good – BEYOND THE STALE series – April 2022

“Native food can be serious and entertaining” Meet Toasted Sister Andi Murphy

Culture, Climate, Cocktails and Kale, from the meatless desk of Alicia Kennedy

How Peanut Butter Stew Decolonised Diets, an interview with Zoe Adjonyoh

“Pick a direction and walk”, an interview with Jonathan Nunn

Sliced Magazine, Issue 5 – Fungus Feb. 2022

Koji: How an ancient mold can shape the future of food

Courier Media July 2021

100 Ways to Make a Living Contributor

Courier Media Magazine #40 April/May 2021

Serving Up Resilience

Putting Modern Indigenous Food on the Map

Sourced Journeys March 2021

Through food: Learning the importance of preserving the land part 1

Through food: Learning the importance of preserving the land part 2

Whetstone Journal February 2021

Protecting Food Sovereignty in New Mexico

Vittles & Free Word November 2020

Intertribal Foodways; An interview with Brian Yazzie

Contributors Interview with Pit Magazine November 2020

Adrienne Katz Kennedy

Whetstone Journal Oct 2020

Rituals of Love, Loss and Lokshen Kugel

The Dirty Spoon, Journal & Radio Hour Sept. 2020

As God Is My Witness

PIT Magazine Issue 8

Sierra Club Magazine July 2020

Could the Pandemic Greenify Comfort Food?

Heated by Bittman June 2020

This Deli Guy Wants Us to Consider Moldy Food A Good Thing

It’s Freezing In LA – Issue 5 May 2020

Paradise Will Be a Kind of Library

The Green Parent – Feb/March 2020 Issue

Feature: Choose, Eat, Repeat

Modern Farmer – November 2019

London’s Urban Farms Move Underground

Guild of Food Writers Fellowship Fund Recipient – October 2019

Kveller – August 2019

There Might Be Bacon on the Table but It’s Still Shabbat

Edit Food and Travel November 2018

Meet the Chef; Eneko Atxa

Hong Kong Diner- Recipes for Baos, Hot Pots, Street Food and More

Contributing Author

Good Things Magazine – November 2017

Gourmet Guide: Cleveland

The Early Hour- Sept 2017

My Jewish Grandma’s Recipe for Mandelbrot

Growth Business – June 2017

Starting a Food Business in a Recession; School of Wok

Good Things Magazine- July 2016

The Evolution of the F-Word

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