Recent Articles & Awards

Courier Media July 2021

100 Ways to Make a Living Contributor

Courier Media Magazine #40 April/May 2021

Serving Up Resilience

Sourced Journeys March 2021

Through food: Learning the importance of preserving the land part 1

Through food: Learning the importance of preserving the land part 2

Whetstone Journal February 2021

Protecting Food Sovereignty in New Mexico

Vittles & Free Word November 2020

Intertribal Foodways; An interview with Brian Yazzie

Contributors Interview with Pit Magazine November 2020

Adrienne Katz Kennedy

Whetstone Journal Oct 2020

Rituals of Love, Loss and Lokshen Kugel

Toggl Sept 2020

I Spent a Year Trying to Get Rejected

The Dirty Spoon, Journal & Radio Hour Sept. 2020

As God Is My Witness

PIT Magazine Issue 8

Sierra Club Magazine July 2020

Could the Pandemic Greenify Comfort Food?

Heated by Bittman June 2020

This Deli Guy Wants Us to Consider Moldy Food A Good Thing

It’s Freezing In LA – Issue 5 May 2020

Paradise Will Be a Kind of Library

The Green Parent – Feb/March 2020 Issue

Feature: Choose, Eat, Repeat

Modern Farmer – November 2019

London’s Urban Farms Move Underground

Guild of Food Writers Fellowship Fund Recipient – October 2019

Kveller – August 2019

There Might Be Bacon on the Table but It’s Still Shabbat

Edit Food and Travel November 2018

Meet the Chef; Eneko Atxa

Hong Kong Diner- Recipes for Baos, Hot Pots, Street Food and More

Contributing Author

Good Things Magazine – November 2017

Gourmet Guide: Cleveland

The Early Hour- Sept 2017

My Jewish Grandma’s Recipe for Mandelbrot

Growth Business – June 2017

Starting a Food Business in a Recession; School of Wok

Good Things Magazine- July 2016

The Evolution of the F-Word

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