There isn’t a place in the world that I wouldn’t visit. No country or city, town or village that I wouldn’t explore if given the opportunity. But like most other people, I don’t have deep pockets, a large inheritance to cash in, or an angel investor to fund my adventures. So instead I use food and words as a means to explore, show the world to my children and scratch the ever-present travel bug itch until I can pack my bags for the next adventure.

I’m a former dance anthropologist (yes that’s a thing), turned food and culture writer. Born in Cleveland Ohio where I learned to embrace my Jewish-meets-Texan heritage, I moved to England in 2006 via three glorious years spent roaming the desert in Albuquerque New Mexico. You can find me here in London, typing away at the keyboard in my tiny home office, or sifting through my ever-growing collection of spices in my (slightly bigger) kitchen.

I’ve spent the last ten years working with cookery schools, chefs, publishing houses and magazines, all around the themes of where food comes from, how can we make it accessible to everyone, and how it can be used as a powerful tool to teach us about the world and each other.

In 2013 I became a member of the UK’s inspiring Guild of Food Writers, and a finalist in the category of ‘Unsung Hero’ in the National Cookery School Awards the following year. I’ve been lucky to work on several literary projects with tv chef and cookery school founder Jeremy Pang, including my title as contributing author to the award-winning food-meets-travel book Hong Kong Diner.

I help individuals and companies find their voice through my copywriting services.

And I publish family-friendly recipes that explore this great big world in tiny, bite-sized pieces right here on my website and via my newsletter. What I can’t show my children by train, plane or automobile, I try to show them by way of their plates and their senses.

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